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The most frequently asked questions about cat toys

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1.Where to buy cat toys?

As passionate cat lovers, we only offer cat toys that we buy ourselves for our own cats. However, we understand that every cat may have individual preferences. That's why we always strive to offer a wide range of interesting products in order to cover as many of our feline friends' needs as possible. We also attach great importance to an attractive design so that our products can also serve as stylish decoration in your home.

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2. Which cat toy makes sense?

    When choosing cat toys there are some tips you can consider as every cat has different preferences:

    • Cat wand: A cat wand is a great way for you and your cat to be active together. These sticks are often equipped with light springs or colorful plastic, which are particularly appealing to cats.
    • Small balls (free): Cats love to occupy themselves with fast-moving things. Small balls made of wool or other soft materials are perfect because cats can catch them and run around with them. However, make sure you always keep a close eye on your cat to make sure he doesn't swallow the balls.
    • Cat Tunnel: Cats enjoy hiding in protected places. A cat tunnel or even a simple cardboard box can provide them with this pleasure.
    • Catnip: Catnip toys are a good choice as they activate and relax cats at the same time. Many cats become particularly excited when they smell or see catnip.

    Remember that it is important to check the toy regularly to ensure it is safe and in good condition. Watch your cat play and be careful not to destroy the toy or swallow parts of it.

    3.Why toys are important for cats?

    A fulfilling cat life includes more than just sleeping and eating. Cats are hunters by nature and need mental and physical challenges to stay happy and healthy. Toys play a crucial role in this as they appeal to cats' hunting instincts and offer them an opportunity to express their energy.

    Cats are fascinated by moving objects that seem like prey. Toys that mimic the behavior of a fearful prey can be particularly effective. By interacting with these toys, cats can live out their hunting instincts and satisfy their instincts. However, it's important to note that for cats, it's not always about actually catching the prey. Multiple attempts that end with a sense of success are ideal. A toy that allows the cat to test and improve its skills provides a stimulating challenge.

    It is particularly important for small, energetic cats to get rid of their excess energy. By actively playing with toys, they can strengthen their muscles, improve their coordination and build their fitness. Regular physical activity also helps prevent obesity. Overweight cats are more susceptible to health problems such as diabetes, joint problems and cardiovascular disease. Toys motivate cats to exercise and stay healthy.

    In addition, playing with the cat together can lead to a stronger bond between the cat owner and their furry companion. By participating in activities with the cat, you can build a relationship, build trust, and have fun together. By using the toy interactively, you can stimulate the cat's natural curiosity and interest. This can also help reduce unwanted behavior such as scratching on furniture or excessive meowing as the cat focuses its energy and attention on the toy.

    Overall, toys are very important for cats. It satisfies the hunting instinct, promotes physical activity and helps prevent obesity. In addition, it strengthens the bond between cat owner and cat. Invest in a variety of toys that engage different senses and challenge the cat. This way you can ensure that your cat lives a full and healthy life.

    4. Why do cats bring toys?

    • Play: When cats want to play with you, they often bring a toy. This can be a small ball, a hair tie or a cat stick. The cat expects you to throw the ball and for her to catch it or for you to wave the cat stick back and forth. It is often more fun for the cat to play with you and chase the toy.
    • Gratitude: When a cat likes you, they sometimes want to show you their appreciation by giving you something that is special to them. If the cat brings you a toy, it may mean that it wants to thank you and express its affection.
    • Sharing prey: If a cat has caught a small and interesting "toy" outside, it may want to show it to you. Cats are naturally hunting animals, and toys resemble prey to them. They are proud of having caught something and want to present it to you in hopes of being rewarded or recognized.


    Bringing toys is therefore an expression of a cat's natural instincts and social behavior. It can be a way to enjoy playtime together, show affection, or share the spoils.

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