Die Katze spielt mit der Katzenangel

Cat fishing like a pro: Tips and tricks for a perfect playing experience with the right cat toys!

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Why my cat doesn't play

We all want to spend time with our cat and strengthen our relationship. A great way to achieve this is by playing with a cat fishing rod, where we can have fun together with our cat. But cat owners often ask themselves the question: "Why doesn't my cat seem particularly interested?" The answer is often that many people don't know how to properly play with a cat fishing rod. Therefore, we would like to share with you some tips and tricks to get the most out of your time with your cat.

  1. Choosing the right cat fishing rod : Before you start playing, it is important to choose the right cat fishing rod. Look for fishing designs that resemble natural prey, such as feathers or fluttering fabrics. This will pique your cat's interest and put him in play mode.

  1. The right distance: Make sure that the cat rod is at least 20 cm away from your cat. Cats can see objects particularly well within a range of 20-30 cm. An appropriate distance allows your cat to keep a better view of the "prey" animal.

  1. Imitate prey movements: Move the cat rod quickly on the ground to imitate mouse movement. This fascinating cat toy awakens your cat's natural hunting instinct and invites interactive play. You can also move the cat rod back and forth in the air to imitate bird flights - another way to increase your cat's curiosity and playfulness. Discover the variety of cat toys together and create unforgettable moments full of fun and exercise!

  1. Hide and Seek: Another trick is to hide the cat fishing rod while your cat watches. Once you've hidden the fishing rod, move it quickly and ring the bells. Your cat will be curious and try to find the hidden prey. This hide and seek game can increase your cat's excitement.

  1. Praise and reward: Once your cat has caught the cat fishing rod, it is important to praise and reward him. This increases your cat's feeling of success and joy. You can also offer treats or petting as a reward.

  1. Variation and Limitation: To ensure that your cat does not get tired of the cat fishing, vary the play methods and times. Cats love variety, and it's important to keep offering them new challenges. Don't play for too long as cats' attention spans are limited.

  1. Storage: After playing, it is important to store the cat fishing rod safely. Do not leave them unattended as cats tend to chew on objects. Careful storage ensures that the cat fishing rod remains in good condition for a long time and is always interesting for your cat.

  1. Discover our angel cat rod: Discover our unique cat toy, the Angel cat rod! This fishing rod was specially developed for cats and impresses with its special angel design. Take a look at the inspirational videos on our social media platforms for creative insights into creating activities with your cat. Be inspired by the diverse play and bonding opportunities that our cat toys offer. Your cat fun can begin now!


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