Animal protection

XXOO Pets Family is actively involved in animal protection

Although we are still a startup, animals are very important to us. Our goal is to donate a portion of our profits to animal organizations every month. We are also happy to send our products there. We are proud that as new founders we can help animals with our products.


Our partnership and previous donations

We are proud to be a partner of Active Animal Protection Austria. We have also donated to the following organizations:

  • Active animal protection Austria
  • Four Paws Austria


Every purchase helps.

Thanks to your trust, we can donate a portion of your purchase to animal welfare. We would be very happy if you could personally contribute to supporting animal welfare organizations. Maybe you have used cat furniture or dog toys at home that you no longer need. These could already be a great help for homeless animals!


Returns as donations

We want to be honest: We don't want returns. We are proud that we have received almost no returns so far. However, it can occasionally happen that customers change their mind after receiving the goods. For this reason, we have decided to donate returned goods to animal welfare organizations.


Looking for support?

Have you seen homeless pets on the street? Or do you need a donation for specific animals in need? Feel free to write to us! We will share your post on our social media channels so that our followers and visitors can also help.