About XXOO Pets Family

Kratzbaum modern

Pet products redefined

Nothing is impossible with us. We bring creativity combined with style to our pet products. Life with our furry friends is an endless source of joy and the best memories are often made with them. But why should pet products be boring and ordinary? No more old-fashioned, “all look the same” pet products. Treat your pet to the glamor it deserves and let it live like a real star!

Expression of individuality and elegance

Are you someone with an excellent sense of taste looking for something special for your pet? Then you've come to the right place! Our design matches our pet's personality - cute, wild, unique and playful. We are inspired by the beautiful things in life, such as romantic starry skies, sakura trees, vibrant rainbows and more. We have developed all these beauties into pet products. What cannot be found in common pet products.

Functionality meets design

We are pet owners like you. We understand how important it is to choose the right thing for our beloved pet. A good design only makes sense if it “works” first! That's why our products offer more than they should. While other cat beds only serve as a place to sleep, ours already have an integrated scratching post and a catnip pendant.

Stylish pet furniture for an appealing living atmosphere

And that's not all! Our products are designed to improve not only your pets' lives, but yours too! Who wants to have an everyday home when it could be so much nicer? With XXOO Pets Family it's possible - you can be a pet owner and enjoy beautiful home design at the same time! Our product design is not only for pets, but also a stylish and innovative decoration for your home. Customers who have purchased our products have upgraded their homes to a higher, more modern level. Now it's your turn!

Let your pet become an influencer

We listen to you. We firmly believe that all animal lovers form one big community. You are an inspiration to others and to us too! By sharing your moments and suggestions, you help us improve our products and provide a better user experience for our pets. Because your furry friends are the real stars and designers of our brand!