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Turn your home into a pet paradise with our innovative toys.

Kratzbaum Blume
Say hello to creativity

It's time to renew your cat's furniture. Discover our special scratching posts in an extraordinary design.

Kratzbaum Blume
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Kratzbaum Blume

Summery freshness for your cat

Erlebe den Sommer mit unserem handgefertigten Sonnenblumen-Kratzbaum und entzückenden Marienkäfer-Katzenspielzeug! Ein dekoratives Highlight für jeden Raum! 🌞🐱

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Cat furniture: modern and practical

Learn how modern scratching posts can not only meet your cat's needs, but also brighten up your home. From luxurious materials to practical features, we cover everything you need to know about modern cat trees. Get inspired and find the perfect scratching post for your furry friends and your home!

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Kratztonne xxl
Katzentunnel xxl

Choosing the right cat toys

Choosing the right cat toy is difficult. It often happens that the cat doesn't like it at all. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help with the decision. Read on and make sure your furry friend gets the toy she loves and enjoys!

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XXOO Pets Family

We are proud to be able to support animal welfare organizations as a new startup. Without your support we won't make it. Find out more about how we help and discover how you can become part of our mission.

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Blütenzauber für Katzen

Pink Prinzessin Kollektion


Infinity roses | Flower box | Preserved flowers individually handcrafted from photos of pets

Away €490,00

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