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A rescue story: Two abandoned puppies find a new home

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It was one evening at the express station when I discovered two orphaned puppies in a box. One was black and the other had brown fur. They huddled close together, surrounded by a blanket and some leftover food. The staff at the express station asked me if I would give them a lift. The puppies were so small and their lonely situation touched my heart. So I decided to take her home.

As soon as they were at my house, the two puppies showed amazing courage. They explored their new home and wagged their tails excitedly. I gave them food and drink, and they devoured their food greedily until their bellies were full and satisfied. My cat hid in the room in fear when she saw the puppies, but the little ones tried to play with her, which was absolutely adorable.

The puppies were too young to go to the toilet outside, so I had to clean up again and again throughout the day. I told my animal-loving friends about my find and even posted ads online looking for responsible adoptive parents. Many friends actively helped by sharing the ads and spreading the word to help the puppies.

Finally two friends of my friends got in touch. One already had four cats, the other had no pets. Both were willing to adopt the puppies. I prepared everything for the puppies, including their own dog bed and gifts for them. Then I took her to the animal transport center. The next day, the puppies reached another city where my friends' mothers picked them up and took them to a vet to check their health. The doctor determined that they were healthy, but too young for vaccinations.

After the examinations, the friends' mothers took the puppies to their new homes, where they were warmly welcomed. The new owners were overjoyed to have the puppies with them. They immediately picked up the little ones and took them to their respective homes.

We created a group to encourage the new owners to share their experiences with the puppies. The puppies quickly adapted to their new surroundings, made friends with the cats and were lovingly cared for. The cats loved the puppies as well. The puppies grew day by day and completely transformed. I was proud and happy about what we had achieved together. Thanks to our efforts, the puppies found a new home.

We will continue to work to help other animals and this experience will always be remembered. Hopefully our story can also inspire others to stand up for animals together.


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