Cat & Dog: Our Shop History

To all pet lovers who are interested in our founding story:


Welcome, dear friends!

As the founder of the XXOO Pets Family, I have developed a deep connection to pets since my childhood. I grew up in an environment with many dogs and always enjoyed understanding their needs and enjoying their company. We played together every day and I was always testing new dog toys. Unfortunately, I noticed that most of the pet supplies products often had similar designs, were often old-fashioned and not innovative, but were still offered at a high price. The selection of pet supplies was also often very limited. With this realization, I decided to open a pet store in the future that would truly address the needs of our beloved pets.


Die Katze spielt


In 2022, my friends in Asia who are also pet lovers made me aware of special pet products they had at home. I was fascinated by their unique design and innovation and wondered why I had never seen anything like this in Europe. With great curiosity I then went to Asia. There, I visited various online pet supplies stores and retail stores and also attended the largest pet supplies trade fair in Asia. During my trip, I delved deep into the pet supplies market and met many new pet lovers, well-known manufacturers and designers.


Kratzbaum xxl


This is our best-selling product, the Dreamland cat tree. Our manufacturer is the original and inventor of this product.)



I have also participated in activities as an animal welfare volunteer where we come together as a group of different animal lovers to help homeless pets. I also work there as a volunteer in pet shops and spend time with cats and dogs. During this time, I developed an even deeper connection with pets. I have looked after various cats and dogs and recognized their habits and needs. I also discovered great products at pet stores. Through continuous observation and experience, I have learned which products pets like the most and which they don't. I also learned which materials and raw materials are particularly suitable for pets.






In June 2023 I finally got my first cat, which I had wanted for a long time. During this time, I also intensively prepared to open my own pet store. I entered into agreements with various reputable manufacturers and was determined to develop products that would make both our pets and their owners happy. The design should be as unique as our beloved animals themselves. Through my own pets, I realized that each animal has its own taste. If our pets don't like a product, it could still serve as a decorative element in the house due to its attractive design.





My cat Mai Mai was a big help to me during this time. She tested our first products with other friends' cats and we found that they really loved them. It was with pride that I finally opened our store to offer the best to other pet lovers.

Welcome to XXOO Pets Family! Look forward to a world full of love and care for your furry companions.