XXOO Pets Family: love, quality, design

Welcome to XXOO Pets Family – your reliable partner for high-quality pet products!

What makes our products special?

You have probably already noticed that all of our products have a unique design. Pets are an integral part of our family, and therefore pet products are also part of our decor! They should not only make pets happy, but also beautify our homes. Our mission is to provide products that our pets love while serving as special decorations for our homes. Quality, functionality and design at an affordable price are our promise.

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Why are we the best choice for you?

Although we are a young company, we have already achieved remarkable success in the first two weeks after opening our shop. Many of our products were sold out after the first month. How did we do that? We work with top manufacturers who specialize exclusively in pet supplies. We have contracts with them and produce products according to our needs that promise quality and design. In addition, we have first-class designers who can design customized pet supplies products, and we also provide customized solutions for customers. We are also regularly present at the largest pet supplies trade fairs to discover the latest innovations in the pet industry together with small manufacturers and world-renowned companies.

I often see the same product on other websites like Aliexpress and other platforms. What makes your products different?

You may have already had experience with Aliexpress or other platforms where the goods often arrive with an unpleasant smell and additional customs costs may apply. Most providers are illegal sellers who only have the opportunity to deliver goods abroad via these platforms, or they are dropshipping retailers who charge very high prices. When problems arise, you often have few options to protect yourself.

It's different for us! We have direct contracts with our manufacturers, who produce the goods according to our needs. We are not dropshipping retailers! Our prices are cheaper than other providers. Our warehouse is located in Graz, Austria. All products are shipped from there, except certain customized products. This saves you high shipping costs and long delivery times. Our products arrive without any unpleasant smell as they are carefully packed in high quality boxes. We are active on social media platforms and can be reached both via email and social apps. We often receive messages from our followers and always reply to keep in touch like friends. You can also contact us if you don't want to buy anything. We just want to be friends with all animal lovers. We often share photos of our pets with each other and exchange experiences.


Our scratching posts are produced under our XXOO Pets Family brand. We also have products that are our manufacturer's own brand, such as the ZeZe collection. We can proudly say that our prices are at an advantage compared to other competitors because we sell very well and produce large quantities.

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Why don't we have so much choice of products?

Less Is More! We only offer products that we have tested ourselves and that our pets love. However, we are in the process of offering new products, with everything carefully checked and tested to offer you the maximum added value. Of course, we look forward to your feedback and ideas. If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to fulfill your wishes.