Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Kratzbaum Blume
Peta Award 2024
Bester Katzenkratzbaum
100% Vegan
Erste Wahl für Katzen

Cat tree flower

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Elegant floral design


Multiple levels for multi-cat family


Robust sisal trunks


Toy pendant with bell

Farbe Weißbeige
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Is only produced after the order is placed: 7-14 days

A portion of our profits are donated monthly to animal welfare organizations. Learn more.

  • All cat types & multi-cat households. Our flower cat tree offers different levels that allow multiple cats to play and rest at the same time. 90% of our customers have more than two cats at home.
  • Thickened base plate and iron pipes. The reinforced and weighted base plate provides even greater stability and safety. Together with the iron pipes as material for the scratching posts, the cats can climb and jump freely. This is ideal for families with large cats.
  • Soft, comfortable material. Each level is equipped with a thickly padded plush blanket that is as soft as a pillow. It offers your cats the ideal comfort to satisfy their natural urge to "knead". The cat climbing frames are wrapped in a plush composite that has no sharp edges or loose threads.
  • Easy assembly with instructions. With the included instructions, assembly is child's play. All needed parts are included and no additional tools are required. Due to the weight, we recommend that two people assemble.
  • Protection against furniture scratches. The robust floor is equipped with sisal mats, and the scratching posts are wrapped with thick paper rope. Your cat can choose to sharpen its claws sitting or standing, which offers different experiences. No more worries about damaged furniture!
  • Play fun & restful sleep. Our scratching post offers your cat endless play and entertainment options with several flower pendants. The diverse placements ensure an enhanced gaming experience and allow multiple cats to play at the same time. These entertainment options will allow your cats to use up enough energy so that they don't cause you any trouble during your rest periods.
  • Fluffy cat bed with a feel-good factor. The flower-shaped levels are filled with PP cotton, creating a calming oasis of well-being for your cat. The soft, fluffy fabric allows your cat to sleep better without joint pain and encourages their natural desire to "knead". The baskets are surrounded by soft material, which gives the cat a feeling of security and helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Climbing made easy. The arrangement of the scratching post is designed so that large and small kittens can climb easily. The paper rope around the scratching post in particular allows small kittens to easily reach the top. The placement of the flower levels is designed so that cats can easily jump up. This activity avoids scratching curtains!
  • Uncomplicated cleaning. The material is made of a plush composite that can be easily cleaned with a lint roller or vacuum cleaner. This means your scratching post always stays clean and hygienic for your beloved cats.

Stylish and functional: the flower scratching post for your cat

Who doesn't love coming home and seeing beautiful flowers? Almost all of us buy flowers to decorate our homes. This idea gave rise to the idea of ​​offering a scratching post in the shape of a flower. Why shouldn't our cats have what we have? In addition, our flower-shaped cat tree also serves as an elegant piece of furniture for your home! So your cat can enjoy the life of a star.

Patentierte Marke: Catry

Abmessung: 60x55x162 cm (L x B x H)

Höhe des Kratzteppichs: 4 mm

Gewicht: 21,7 kg

Die angegebenen Maße und das Gewicht wurden durch manuelles Messen des Produkts ermittelt und können um bis zu 1 Zoll (1-3 cm) sowie 1-3 kg abweichen.


Spanplatte, Plüsch, gebogenes Eisenrohr, Sisalteppich


1 x Kratzbaum

1 x Zubehörpaket

1 x Anleitung


Unsere Katzen sind wild und spielerisch. Wenn eine Ebene oder ein Kratzstammdurch langen Gebrauch beschädigt wird, ist es wichtig, diese rechtzeitig auszutauschen oder einen neuen Kratzbaum zu besorgen, um mögliche Gefahren zu vermeiden.

  • Aufgrund des schweren Gewichts empfehlen wir es zu zweit aufzubauen.
  • Vermeide feuchte Umgebung.
  • Reinige die Fusseln von Kratzbaum regelmäßig.
  • Falls ein unerwarteter Geruch auftritt, nehmen Sie einfach die Teile heraus und lassen Sie sie ein paar Tage lang an der Luft. Dies kann vorkommen, da die Ware nach der Herstellung durch einen Überseetransport in unser europäisches Lager geliefert wird. Bisher ist dies jedoch noch nie vorgekommen.
  • Halten Sie schöne Momente Ihres pelzigen Freundes mit unserem Kratzbaum Blume fest, um sie als bleibende Erinnerung zu bewahren. Teilen Sie diese herrlichen Momente mit anderen Tierliebhabern und inspirieren Sie sie. Ihr pelziger Begleiter ist der wahre Star unserer Marke.

Our products are certified with the Trusted Shops seal of quality. All orders are secured by Trusted Shops buyer protection. Your purchase and your data are in safe hands with us. Our scratching post was awarded the PETA Vegan Award 2024 in the Homeware category as the best cat scratching post.

Known from

Play and rest oases for every cat

Each level is tailored to the needs of cats and offers numerous opportunities for play and rest. Several cats can use the scratching post at the same time.

Comfort and stability for your cat

The cat bed completely encloses the body and gives the cat a feeling of safety and security.

Sturdy support posts made of high quality steel for stability and longevity.

Jute fiber base plate for scratching and rubbing, with thickened base plate for additional stability.

Quick assembly for instant cat fun!

With our enclosed instructions you can set up the flower scratching post in about 25 minutes. During construction, your cat will already be watching curiously.

Kreative Möbel für kreative Katzen
Vegan and environmentally friendly
Unsere Produkte sind frei von Tierversuchen und vegan.
Seal of quality
Our products are certified with the Trusted Shops seal of quality. All orders are secured.
Unser Kratzbaum Blume wurde mit dem PETA Vegan Award 2024 in der Kategorie Homeware als bester Katzenkratzbaum ausgezeichnet.
Jede Bestellung hilft
Ein Teil unseres Umsatzes wird monatlich gespendet. Zudem spenden wir alle Retourwaren in gutem Zustand.

Still uncertain?

Discover why cats love our scratching post:

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Andere Hersteller
Katzenmöbel im eleganten Blumendesign
Reinforced jute fiber base plate
Eisenrohr-Kratzsäule für zusätzliche Stabilität verstärkt
Katzenspielzeug-Anhänger mit versteckter Glocke

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Frequently asked questions about the modern flower cat tree

Yes, the flower scratching post is suitable for all cat breeds. It offers stable platforms and versatile play options that are ideal for both small and large cats.

Yes, we offer global payment methods such as Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Maestro, Visa, etc. You can select the exact payment method during checkout.

We offer a 14 day return policy for your orders. If you would like to return an item, please contact us at WeitYou can find more information about the return process in our Cancellation policy.

We will provide you with a tracking link that you can use to track your order on our website. We will also send you regular delivery updates via email.

Producing large quantities often uses a lot of resources, which can lead to air pollution. We try to protect the environment as much as possible by only producing the goods after the order has been placed. This allows us to use resources more efficiently and reduce the ecological footprint.

Unser Kratzbaum Blume bietet mehrere Plattformen, darunter blumenförmige Ebenen, Blätter-Ebenen und eine halboffene Katzenhöhle. Außerdem verfügt er über Katzenspielzeug-Anhänger mit Geräuschen.

Patentiertes Design
Patentiertes Design
100% Kundenzufriedenheit
100% Kundenzufriedenheit
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