Kratzbaum xxl
Kratzbaum modern
Kratzbaum modern
Kratzbaum xxl
Kratzbaum xxl
Kratzbaum modern
Kratzbaum modern
Kratzbaum modern
Kratzbaum xxl
Kratzbaum modern
Kratzbaum modern
Kratzbaum xxl
Kratzbaum xxl
Kratzbaum modern
Kratzbaum modern
Kratzbaum modern
Kratzbaum modern
Kratzbaum modern
100% Vegan
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Starlight cat tree series

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Robust sisal trunk

Creatives starry sky design

Easy assembly in 25 minutes

Farben, die für Katzen sichtbar sind

Stil Traumland Kratzbaum XXL
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A portion of our profits are donated monthly to animal welfare organizations. Learn more.

    • All cat types & multi-cat households. Our cat tree offers different levels that allow multiple cats to play and rest at the same time. The cat tree with thick trunks and a sturdy base with four supports ensures stability and prevents slight wobbling, even for large cats. 90% of our customers have more than 2 cats at home.
    • Soft, comfortable material. The cat climbing frames are wrapped in a plush composite that has no sharp edges or loose threads. Your cat can play safely.
    • Quick assembly without any effort. The simple assembly with the included instructions and no additional tools enables quick and uncomplicated installation.
    • Protection against furniture scratches. The cat trees are wrapped in sturdy sisal so your cat can easily scratch without ever hurting your furniture at home again!
    • Play fun & restful sleep. There are a lot of play options, such as stars, moon and cloud pendants and small plush balls. This means that even the most active cats can burn off their energy without disturbing your sleep.
    • Climbing made easy. The arrangement of the XXL scratching post is designed so that large and small kittens can climb easily. In particular, the small staircase and the sisal-wrapped cat tree  at the bottom enable the kittens to reach the top safely. Your curtains will no longer be scratched!
    • Easy to clean. The material is made of a plush composite that can be easily cleaned with a lint roller or vacuum cleaner.
    Dreamland scratching post
    Dimensions: 60*48*165 cm (L x W x H)
    Net Weight: 16.5kg
    Gross weight: 17.5kg

    Starlight scratching post
    Dimensions: 60*48*150 cm (L x W x H)
    Net weight: 12kg
    Gross weight: 12.75kg
    The dimensions and weight shown were determined by manually measuring the product and may vary by up to 1 inch (1-3 cm) and 1-3 kg.
    Chipboard, velvet fabric, composite cashmere loop, sisal
    Violet, purple, white, yellow
    Scope of delivery:
    1 x Scratching Post
    1 x Accessory Pack
    1 x Instructions
    A notice:
    If a level or scratching post is damaged due to long use, it is important to replace it in a timely manner or get a new scratching postto avoid possible dangers.
    • Avoid damp environments
    • Clean the lint from cat trees regularly
    • You can put small cushions or blankets in the cat house in winter
    • In case of unexpected Odor occurs, simply remove the parts and leave them to air for a few days. This can happen because the goods are delivered to our European warehouse by overseas transport after production. However, this has never happened before!
    • After setting up the cat tree, you can immediately take photos of your special cat tree and your cat and share them on your social media platforms. Link to us to inspire others and show them how their cats can live like true stars!

    Our products are certified with the Trusted Shops seal of quality. All orders are secured by Trusted Shops buyer protection. Your purchase and your data are in safe hands with us.

    Known from

    Cat paradise: play and rest oases for several

    Each level is tailored to the needs of cats and offers numerous opportunities for play and rest. Several cats can use the scratching post at the same time.

    Sisal ropes, secure tags & cozy plush

    We use sturdy sisal ropes to improve the scratching experience for cats. The stars, moon and cloud pendants are made of soft material that cats can safely chew without hurting themselves. Durable and difficult to damage. The base has four special cat climbing posts that provide stability and allow multiple cats to use the scratching post at the same time. The modern scratching post is wrapped in soft plush, which provides a cozy feeling and warmth. Cats love it and like to sleep on it.

    Transform your space into a cat paradise in minutes

    In just 15-25 minutes, you can use our instructions and all the parts included to transform the scratching post into a true paradise for your cat! Your curious cat will be excited during construction. Enjoy time together and create a romantic starry sky atmosphere for your furry friend with our cat tree, which is unique with its stars, moon and clouds design!

    Kreative Möbel für kreative Katzen
    Vegan and environmentally friendly
    Our products are cruelty-free and vegan.
    Seal of quality
    Our products are certified with the Trusted Shops seal of quality. All orders are secured.
    Inspiriert von den zauberhaften Sternen und dem Mondhimmel, die wir so lieben, haben wir unser Kratzbaum-Design kreiert. So kann deine Katze den Himmel auch im Haus genießen.
    Jede Bestellung hilft
    Ein Teil unseres Umsatzes wird monatlich gespendet. Zudem spenden wir alle Retourwaren in gutem Zustand.

    Still uncertain?

    Discover why cats love our XXL scratching post:

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    Cat furniture in a romantic starry sky design
    Non-slip plush fabric
    Small cat tunnel with padding
    Selected shades of yellow and purple that cats love
    Vielfältige Spiel- und Ruheplätze

    Frequently asked questions about the Starlight Scratching Post Collection

    Our cat tree is suitable for cats of all sizes and breeds. If your cat needs more space, we recommend the following: The Starlight Scratching Post is ideal for smaller living spaces and small to medium-sized cats. The Traumland scratching post is ideal for small to large cats. Both cat trees can hold several cats at the same time.

    Unsere Sternenlicht Kratzbaum Kollektion bietet mehrere Plattformen, eine gemütliche Höhle, einen Sisalstamm und Katzenspielzeug, um Ihre Katze zu beschäftigen und zu unterhalten.

    Ja, die Sternenlicht Kratzbaum Kollektion lässt sich in der Regel innerhalb von 10 bis 20 Minuten mit dem mitgelieferten Werkzeug und der Anleitung leicht montieren.

    Yes, we offer global payment methods such as Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Maestro, Visa, etc. You can select the exact payment method during checkout.

    We offer a 14 day return policy for your orders. If you would like to return an item, please contact us at WeitYou can find more information about the return process in our Cancellation policy.

    We will provide you with a tracking link that you can use to track your order on our website. We will also send you regular delivery updates via email.

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